Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean your Finances

Ahhh, Spring has finally arrived! Fire alarms were checked when the clock sprung forward, winter wardrobes have been sunk to the bottom of the closet to make room for the spring and summer clothes and we are anxious to get our gardens planted.
Spring is also a good time to check up and clean up your personal finances. You have already sorted through all your slips to file your taxes, so let’s take it one step further and see how you can improve your bottom line.
Do you have multiple bank or investment accounts? Do you hold your house and car insurance with multiple insurance providers? Bundling these services is a sure-fire way to put money back in your pocket. AND, if you see an advertisement from other providers that would beat your current pricing for services such as cell phones, home phones (which brings up another question…who calls you on that landline besides telemarketers, so maybe it’s time for it to go entirely?), cable, internet, call your current provider. In most cases they would prefer to match the offer instead of losing you as a customer. Another awesome way to put money back in your pocket.
The secret of getting ahead is getting started by tackling one of these ideas at a time… So what are you waiting for? Pick the most important one that is costing you a pretty penny and start increasing your bottom line. It can be easy-peasy with little organization, planning and effort. Afterall, you earned it!

May 2016
Gitta Arend
Branch Manager
Cartile Financial Services Inc.